Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Just when we think things couldn't get any crazier...THEY DO! This week has been insane!! I don't know how God keeps trusting us to handle things, because He just adds more and more every week. We don't have as much time today because we're driving a sister to the airport to go to Australia (eek! She's bringin home a kangaroo!), but here's a sum-up of the week:

We've been bringing sisters to IU Campus for exchanges so we have two sets of missionaries on campus twice a week. That means we basically plan two days in one, so our numbers are shooting up and we are teaching like crazy. Sis. Clark and I are trying to stay on the same page so we can continue to meet the needs of our investigators and receive revelation for them.
Because Sis. Goldrup is going to Australia, we are becoming a trio with Sis. Bowen who is serving in Clear Creek, so we will be covering two areas for the rest of the transfer! (hello cousins! ;)
J is getting baptized on November 2 so we have to make sure everything is set up for that. So exciting! 
We are BUSY and we have no time to think. But that is a huge blessing because God is keeping us very focused on the work, and the time flies. I'm grateful to be a missionary, and I'm amazed at the conversion we see in these people. God has really been making up for our lack of time and ability to focus on each individual as much as we'd like.

I had a loaves-of-bread and fishes experience this week...last week when I got out money from the grocery store to get quarters for laundry, I pulled out a dollar more than I thought I had in my account...and it worked! When I counted my quarters for laundry I was still a dollar short...but today somehow I had exactly enough. Exactly. I still don't know how it happened. God somehow sneaked four extra quarters in our car...miracle!

We see miracles every day. Life is good. Keep being missionaries, and pray for missionary opportunities every day. God answers prayers. I love you all.

Sister Allen

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