Monday, Oct. 14, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a busy week. Sister Clark and I are seeing so many miracles, and many manifestations that we are supposed to still be here. The girl studying journalism who's writing an article about us is still meeting with us, reading the Book of Mormon, and she came to church on Sunday and loved it. She has so many questions, but she already knows that everything we teach is true. Now it's just a matter of overcoming her fear of being part of a "group" or "labeling" herself. She is an incredible person, and we love her.

J is preparing for baptism on Nov. 2. He has been taught most of the lessons, and he wrote down his testimony and read it in Fast and Testimony Meeting yesterday. He said, "Now that I've found my church, I've met some of the greatest friends I've ever had, especially the sisters and the elders. I know for a given fact that Joseph Smith is a prophet. That is the truth, NOT A MYTH. I know from what the sisters have taught me about the Word of Wisdom, Tithing, Repentance, the Law of Chastity, and the Plan of Salvation, that the church is true." It was so powerful and such a blessing to hear that he really is understanding what we've been teaching him! One of the members told us later, "There is absolutely no way that any member of the branch could say he is not ready for baptism."

Our investigator from China is still progressing towards baptism on Dec. 28. She has a very strong desire to follow Jesus Christ, and she knows why it is important to keep his commandments. She has experienced a literal change of heart and she is doing all she can to read the scriptures every day and follow Christ. 

We are receiving power from on high. This work is incredible and I am just amazed every single day to be a part of it! The more obedient and diligent we are, the more miracles we see! All of the work is worth it just to see 3 of our investigators have an amazing spiritual experience at church. That is what it's all about.

I love you all. Stay warm this week.

Love, Sister Allen

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