Monday, Jan. 13, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Things have been busy here, even during the insane snow storm last week. We've seen so many miracles, it's crazy! Here's one: We were supposed to have a lesson with a woman who is married to a member and she's been wanting to get really involved in the church. That lesson fell through on Thursday night so we were pretty bummed. But as soon as we found that out, we got a call from the zone leaders telling us we should go visit a girl they had just met and helped dig her car out of the snow. We had time, so we called her and stopped by. She is 20 years old and said she has always wanted to talk to real Mormons about what we believe. So we sat down and taught her the Restoration. She loved it. She had a ton of questions, and she is golden! We had lunch with her and her husband a couple days later, and he is even more golden! He is a strong believer of taking things to the primary source, so he's already in Alma, and he has 4 pages of notes and questions. And he really wants to come to church. Prepared? I think yes. Pretty amazing.
Random question of the day: What do you do to stay happy every day?
Some answers I've found helpful: Smile whenever you remember. Recognize your blessings. Look for an opportunity to serve. Think about times in the past when you've been the happiest. Tell a joke. Laugh. Don't stress about the little things. Express love to those you spend your time with.
It works! Any other ideas? I'd love to hear.

I've decided I can handle any animal since being here in Indiana...we walk a woman's dogs and she owns 2 pitbulls, a lab, and a mutt. They are CRAZY! They jump all over us and have no self control. But...They are super cute, and they each have their own personalities. One of them loves to snuggle on my lap. There's something about animals and my lap's weird. One of our investigator's cats jumped right on my lap during a lesson, and she said, "That is so weird...our cat hates people." Maybe it's the Spirit :)

Funny experiences of the week:
1. One of our dear investigators received a blessing this week to help her quit smoking. When the brother who have the blessing left, her 5-year-old daughter said, while snacking on a bag of candy, "I wish the preacher would give me a blessing so I could stop eating candy!"
2. In the middle of our lesson that night, the little girl said, "Mommy, I love you. I wish you were a swan. A sparkly swan." 
3. We gave our 12-year-old investigator a prayer rock so he would remember to pray. At our next lesson, his mom told us that he was lying down for bed one night and he smacked his head on the rock that he forgot to move off his pillow. The next morning, she heard a crash in his bedroom and he had tripped on his rock on the floor and fallen into his nightstand. He definitely remembered to pray :)
Lots of love to everyone! The church is true!!!
Love, Sister Allen
1. Snow!
2. Outside our apartment during the crazy snowstorm.
3. Me and my new companion. Sis. Bambrough. She's awesome.

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