Monday, Jan. 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

How does time go so fast?? We are staying busy and teaching a lot. We have a couple baptisms coming up in the next two weeks. One is a young 12-year-old boy whose mom is a member, and he has been meeting with the sisters for the past couple months. He's excited! The other is a girl in her 20s who's engaged to a member and started meeting with the sisters because she wants to be married in the temple. She didn't realize how much she would have to change...but her life has made a complete 180 and she is so happy. She has a pretty crazy money, just barely got a job, has to move out because she's living with a guy, and every day is just drama for her. But she's incredible. She just stopped smoking and drinking coffee, and she is so determined. The only thing holding her back right now is finding a place to live. As soon as she does, she'll be in the water! It's been great to see the change in her, and to see the incredible support from the ward. As soon as the word was out that she had no food...three members stopped by at different times and unloaded groceries for her. And they got her clothes for work and everything else that she needs. She keeps saying, "Heavenly Father does the craziest things." She attributes everything to Heavenly Father, and for the first time in her life she realizes how much He loves her.

I really love to teach. It's one of my favorite things. I'm excited for opportunities to continue teaching. It's so neat to understand a principle, answer people's questions clearly and simply, and see it click for them. So so cool.
Life is good, and cold! Stay warm and cozy. Read your scriptures. God will speak to you.

Love, Sister Allen

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