Monday, Aug. 26, 2013

Dear Family and Friendsies,

Transfer calls last night...Sis. Clark and I are staying at IU! We
expected it, so we are excited to be together for another 6 weeks :)
School started today so there are TONS of students to talk to on
campus! It is still heaven. Definitely fast-paced and pretty dang
exhausting, and I know when I leave here I will realize what a unique
and incredible area this is.

Favorite quote of the week from a branch member: "Go fetch a baptizee!"

We taught two guys from Brazil who are really good friends with a guy
in one of the family wards here, and they invited us to teach him in
their home. Ideal place to teach a lesson--in the members' home! We
taught the Restoration and addressed some concerns, and it was great.
One of the guys we taught is very sincere and really wants to learn,
and the other was a little more skeptical, but open to learning. We
are excited to see how they progress.

We were talking to people on campus and we tried to talk to a girl who
saw our nametag and said, "Oh, I'm not interested." Sis. Clark said,
"Wait, are you diabetic?" She saw a pump in her pocket, and the girl
stopped and said, "Yeah, I am." I showed her my pump and that started
a whole conversation and she totally opened up! She's not religious,
but she is studying piano at IU, and she said she would be interested
in coming to activities. We talked for awhile, and right before we
left Sis. Clark asked, "Oh, what's your name?" She said, "Rebecca."
Coincidence? I think not. I hope we see her again.

We've been teaching a lot of people from China who know nothing about
God. It is so fun to teach them! One girl came to church with her
friend a couple weeks ago, and we met with her this week and she has
such a strong desire to change and qualify for baptism. It's amazing
to see her heart and her desire.

Miracles are happening. This work is hard, and I am being stretched.
But God is good, and the Spirit is real. We are in the work of
miracles here. Angels are round about us to bear us up. We can call
down the powers of heaven, because we are the children of God. How
cool :)

Love you all so much.

Sister Allen

1. The Polar Bear Club. Ask me about it after the mission.
2. Me and Sis. Clark!
3. Pres. Cleveland's motto: "Touch all the lines"

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