Monday, July 22, 2013

Dearest family and friends,

I'M IN BLOOMINGTON!!! AH!!! I never thought it would happen. Right on IU Campus. Basically...we walk around campus, talk to everyone, and teach a ton! Answer to prayer!!! I just feel like I don't even deserve to be here, and I absolutely love it.

My new companion is Sis. Clark. She has been out 6 months and she is now a sister training leader with me. She is INCREDIBLE. I've never seen a missionary have so much faith in the power of prayer and in the spirit. She knows how to work hard and how to touch people's hearts and find people to teach. I am so lucky to be with her, and I am so lucky to be here!! Ah it is amazing!!!

My new address is 2309 S Brandon Court, Bloomington IN 47408.

We have met the most interesting people and we get the craziest questions. They are awesome because they really get us thinking. People here actually have time to sit down and talk. They like having discussions about religion. And it's cool to ask them questions they've never thought about before. 

Highlights of the week (there are about a billion but I'll narrow it down): 
- We passed one girl in the library and introduced ourselves and she said, "Do you have a card? I'd love to come to church sometime." We kind of panicked and wrote down the church address and she said, "Sweet, I'll ask a friend if she can drive me there!"
- We saw a guy walking his black cat on a leash...
- We taught an Asian girl about God...she's never believed in God, but she wants to figure out how she can. I've never taught someone who doesn't beleive in God before, but this lesson was pretty amazing. So intense.


Gtg, out of time, but love you all!

Sister Allen

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