Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Well folks, it's finally happened. I'm leaving Fishers. Eek! But you know, I'm ready for it. I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely know this is what I need. I've been in Fishers for almost 6 months, and I am ready for a change. I've been getting too comfortable and losing motivation and faith in myself. Actually, to be honest, this week has been pretty rough. Not one thing in particular, but I've been letting little doubts in myself and in the work in general hold me back from working as hard as I could be working. I've read a lot of things and talked to some wonderful missionaries who have really helped me see that I have made a difference here, and helped me understand that true success comes from the little day to day miracles that affect people's lives. Sometimes as missionaries we forget that this is not about us, it's about God's work, and all we are is an instrument in His hands. I have not been the best instrument that I could be this week, and I am ready to forget myself and step it up and do whatHe wants me to do instead of what want to do or think I should do. 

One thing that I have absolutely loved as a missionary is being able to explain concepts to people that I would have never been able to understand before. I love teaching people, and I have been craving opportunities to teach. But first we have to find people. It is pretty hard to keep up the motivation when it takes so much effort to meet with people consistently and really get them to progress. But I KNOW that it is my responsibility to work as hard as I can to get people to progress, and when the work gets slower I know it's because of lack of effort on my part. I am ready to make a change and put in more effort to get the work moving forward. I absolutely love being a missionary. I have been lacking faith and motivation this week, but I know God has been preparing me for something greater, and I know that He gives us trials to humble us and make us remember that this work is NOT about us, it's about Him and His children. I'm grateful for what I am learning, and I am excited to see what happens this week!

I realized today that TRIALS are MIRACLES, because how else would we learn and grow and be able to apply life lessons in the future? I've been trying to focus on the little miracles that I see every day in my life, and I decided that my struggles are actually miracles!

My wonderful companion Sis. Knight will be training a new sister this transfer, the only new sister coming out! There are about 30 new elders and just 1 new sister. She was shocked, but she is so ready and responsible and she will take such good care of the people here in Fishers. I love her.

We have had a few opportunities to do some musical numbers, and I have loved being able to sing and harmonize with my companion and other missionaries! I have missed singing! But we are trying to keep up our musical abilities and share our talents with others. I have felt so blessed as I've had so many opportunities to play hymns and accompany songs, and I know God has enhanced my abilities and helped me get over fears I had before my mission. I love music!

Here are some pictures of our district in Fishers! Love these missionaries!

Love you all. 

Sister Allen

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