Monday, July 29, 2013

I love IU Campus!! I am in missionary paradise!

Recently a lot of people have been questioning the authority of prophets. Does anybody have any personal or general examples of prophecies that modern-day prophets have made that have already come to pass or that are currently coming to pass?

Last Tuesday we were talking to a girl at the campus bus stop and when the bus came we followed her on because she said it came back around and it was free! We strategically placed ourselves so people would sit next to Sis. Clark and we'd start talking to them. When we reached the stadium every single person got off the bus except us. The bus driver said, "You'll need to get off here, the bus doesn't leave again for another ten minutes." It was pouring rain so he let us off at some shelter. We heard an ongoing siren noise in the distance but didn't think anything of it, and the bus driver came back and said, "That's a tornado warning, you need to get back in the bus and I'll drive you to the stadium where you can go to the basement and find shelter." So we booked it to the basement of the IU stadium where a bunch of other students were waiting. And we looked outside the huge windows and saw the football field! We started talking to a lady and found out she was the football coach's wife...and after we left we found out that not just any student is allowed in that basement...but we were in the territory of the top-notch athletes at IU! Pretty cool. And the football coach's wife used to be R-LDS. Cool, eh?

We met a guy (I'll call him Adam) last week sitting by his bike, and he was having a pretty rough day. We shared some things with him and set up an appointment for this week. We met with him this week and taught the restoration. When I asked him what he thought about Joseph Smith's experience he said, "When you came up to me last week I was pretty shocked that you chose me out of everyone else, and I was honestly having a pretty rough day, but out of respect I was willing to talk to you. Right before that I had gotten pretty angry at some of my friends about something, and I wasn't really myself. But after you talked to me I was seriously in such a good mood, I even called my mom and told her what happened. And that night I realized that I had been thinking irrationally and I went to my friends and forgave them. ... I don't know where all of that came from, I just had to get it off my chest. I'm just super grateful for you guys." So we're not exactly sure what he thinks about Joseph Smith...but Sis. Clark said after the lesson, "Wow, that's the first time I feel like I've really, truly helped someone." Miracle.

We had another incredible lesson this week with a girl who has been going to church but is still trying to figure out who God and Jesus Christ are to her. We taught her the Restoration, and we talked about commandments. She had never thought about the fact that God gives us commandments to make us happy, and it made so much sense to her. Sis. Clark was talking about the sacrament and the girl said, "Oh ok, so it's not about being perfect, but doing your very best. So why is Christ called our Savior? Oh my gosh...that is why Christ is our savior. I get it. Oh my gosh." It just clicked, and we just watched her as the spirit worked on her heart and she just got it. It was amazing.

The other day we were walking to the church doors with our investigator from India, and I stepped up to step onto the curb, then realized there wasn't a step. That was embarrassing. 

Well we are EXHAUSTED but we love it here and the branch is the most functional branch I have ever been a part of, they know exactly how missionary work is supposed to work! 

Love you all! Keep follwoing the spiriti!

Sister allen

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