Monday, May 20, 2013

Dear Family and Friends

This week was busy, even though our numbers didn't show it. We had a great lesson with a woman who has been less-active for 30-40 years, and she has always wondered why good people can't be saved if they're not "baptized Mormons." We read with her 1 Peter 4:6 and had a great discussion, and she said we answered the question she's been asking missionaries for years! We will be meeting with her weekly to teach her the missionary lessons and answer more of her questions. It was super rewarding to be able to answer her question, especially since we've met with her quite a bit since I've been here! She is becoming more involved in ward activities, and she loves having us over!

I always wonder why I am so blessed. Why do I understand the gospel like I do? Or at least have a family that does? Every day I'm just blown away. Especially as a missionary. I don't know why I have absolute faith that the gospel is true. I don't know why I never doubt that President Monson is the prophet, even when I have questions about things. I just know it's true. And that's why I'm here. Even if nobody gets baptized for the rest of my mission, I know I will always have my testimony, and I am here to share that with people, whether or not they accept it. But it's a really amazing feeling to truly understand my purpose here and to share my testimony boldly with people every single day. Things have clicked, and I can see a big difference in the way I talk to people from how I was at the beginning. Somehow I know how to transition a conversation into the gospel, and I know how to leave commitments with people that will get them to think. I feel the spirit working through me every day, and it's amazing. I never want this feeling or ability to leave, but I know I won't have this forever. So I am making the most of this time that I have and trying to stay in the habit of talking to every person that I pass. I love it.

Sis. McQuivey and I are very similar in our styles. She is a great missionary, and I am learning a lot of portuguese! I would never have expected to have a companion waiting to go to a different country. But we have found several families who speak Portuguese so she can practice the lessons. She is a great leader, and I'm super grateful to have her as my companion especially as I go on exchanges in other areas, because she totally takes care of our area! (or at least pretends that she does! :)) She is so willing to do anything, and she's got a great attitude. We get along really well. 

We had zone conference last week--the last one for President and Sister Collins. We surprised them and sang the EFY Medley for the closing hymn, and they just bawled. The assistants asked me if I could play it, so I practiced it all week during Sis. McQuivey's language studies. I have always wanted to be able to play that song, and I did it! The spirit was overwhelming.

We had a lesson with two black guys on their front porch. One has a gold tooth, and the other says he's from the "hood." We met one of them last week and he said we could come back, so yesterday we asked why he invited us back. He said, "Ya know, lemme tell you somethin. When I saw you walking, I knew you were gonna come talk to me while I was sittin there eating my sandwich. Honestly, I didn't even feel like talking, but ya know when you know something good is coming, and you can't just run away from it!" We had a great lesson and we're going back later this week to teach the Restoration. Super cool guys! From da hood :)

Well I love you all. Have an amazing warm week!

Sister Allen

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