Monday, March 18, 2013

Dearest family and friends,

We have a new companion! Three of us now :) Her name is Sis. Hill. She is a massage therapist which we super love. I have absolutely loved being in a trio. People keep telling us how hard trios are, but Sis. Hill, O'Brien, and I have fallen into a great routine and we love being together. We are all very adaptable, and we have all been very uplifted by each other! And we LOVE living with Sis. Tagg and Sis. Barrett--they are incredible missionaries, and so much fun to be with. I'm pretty sure Sis. Barrett is going to kill us all...she is SO FUNNY and my abs are so sore. We have the greatest apartment. 

Funny story of the week...Sis. Hill, O'Brien, and I were in our room having a wonderful companionship inventory, telling each other how much we love each other. Sis. Barrett was in the other room on the other side of the apartment. All of a sudden we heard, "!!! It won't stop!!!" We looked into the bathroom and the toilet had started flooding. I didn't see much of what happened next because I was laughing so hard. None of us could breathe or stand up straight, and I swear I almost passed out from laughing. After about ten minutes I finally went over to their bathroom and there was about an inch of water on the floor. We grabbed every towel we could find and wiped up the floor. We've laughed about it every day since then.

We also have a new set of elders in both Fishers wards! We've been figuring out how to split the area with them, and we will pass investigators to each other if we feel the person would be more receptive to other missionaries. So it gives us some flexibility! It's interesting for the wards because for the longest time there was just one set of missionaries covering both there are nine missionaries in both wards! The ward members have been so supportive and we have all had meals every night! They take such great care of us. Especially since so many families have children or friends on missions, they want to help us like they hope their kids or friends are being helped on their missions. The members in this church are just incredible. 

We had a baptism on Saturday!!! Well, it was in the Fishers 2nd ward, but we had met with this man the very first day we were in the area while we were covering Fishers 1 and 2. His wife was less-active, and he suddenly became interested in looking more seriously into the LDS church. He started keeping every commitment before we even started meeting with him. At our second lesson with him, Sis. O'Brien invited him to be baptized, and we set a date for March 16. When the other sisters came to cover Fishers 2nd they continued teaching him. Well, last Saturday was March 16, and he was baptized!! Now he has been given the gift of the Holy Ghost, the Aaronic Priesthood, and a calling! It is so amazing to see the beginning to the end!! 

One woman we've been visiting with came to the second hour of church to learn more about Family History! She is in her 80s and can't sit for very long, but she's very interested in family history. The woman who taught the family history class actually found records online for this woman's family! The ward gets so excited to have people at church, and they go all out. So family history is softening this woman's heart! 

We have lots of appointments set up this week! We are finding people to teach, and it's exciting! Missionary work is moving forward, and it is so much fun.

Love you all so much.

Sister Allen

1. Me, Sis. Hill, and Sis. O'Brien after a cold day of tracting!
2. Nasty spider with an ant in his web...we've been getting some ants so we left the spider there to eat them.
3. Awkward family picture. Heh. I love our apartment.
4. Another awkward family picture. Sorry for the red-eye.
5. Roomies! Me, Sis. O'Brien, Sis. Hill, Sis. Barrett, and Sis. Tagg. Love them.

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