Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello family and friends!

This last transfer was cut short with the MTC time being cut for all the new missionaries, so this week is transfer week! We found out that we will be getting another companion so we'll be in a trio for the next 6 weeks! Staying in Fishers. Oh, but the ward is going to be split, because there are elders coming into the area as well! So the Fishers 1 and 2 wards will be split in half. And our apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so the sisters who have been serving in the other Fishers ward will be moving in with us. Five sisters in the apartment! Just like good old college roommate days! We're pretty excited. But this is going to be crazy! We'll also be sharing a car, so we'll probably do a lot more walking and getting rides with members. Which will be good, I'm excited for some warm spring weather and to be out and about more!

The work in Fishers has been slow, and our numbers definitely didn't show much this week, but we have been hard at work and we are happy! The work is super challenging, but I catch myself at random times thinking, "I wonder why I am so happy." Sis. O'Brien says the same thing--she said she's never been so happy in her life. We're really learning to live in the moment! It's so great :)

We had a specialized sister's training last week with all the sisters in the mission! President and Sister Collins and the assistants each gave us some training. It was neat to be with all the sisters--I think there are about 26 of us right now. There are some amazing sisters here. We learned a lot about using our time more wisely, how to effectively open a new area (because there are a lot opening right now!), and how to see what a unique and special calling it is to be a sister missionary at this time in the church. There is something about womanhood that is so unique and special as a missionary.

Sis. Carter, my wonderful trainer, is going home this week! I can't believe how fast time flies! When I was with her she still had 6 months to go...and now she's goin home. She's amazing. 

We went on exchanges this week, and I went with Sis. Guy to Lafayette. We had some amazing lessons! One was with a deaf girl who has been less active, and we had a girl from the ward come interpret for us. So we taught the Plan of Salvation and paused after every sentence so she could interpret. The spirit was so strong, and the girl said she has felt such a change in her heart as she has been reading from the Book of Mormon. She definitely believes Joseph Smith was a prophet, and she wants to keep this feeling with her always! We told her she just needs to keep reading and praying every day and come to church so she can keep this feeling in her life and continue to increase her faith. That's all it takes--those daily things! 

We're having some pretty great experiences.

1. Sporting our YMCA volunteer shirts. We get to help them fold towels :)
2. Me and Sis. Guy on exchanges in Lafayette! Such a fun exchange

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