Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

We are busy in Fishers!! This week has been crazy, but I am so grateful to have Sister Pitcher as my new companion. She is amazing, and the work would not move forward as well in this area without her here. She updates records while I work on planning exchanges and trainings, and she is helping me prepare to be a better sister training leader just by the example she is to me. She talks to everyone and is so good at making conversation. She is so organized and we love working together! We've talked to a lot of people since we've been together, and the Lord definitely rewarded our efforts last night when we knocked on the last door of the street and the man let us in. He has four daughters and loves talking about religion, and he asked us to come back to tell him more about the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. We had a great conversation with him, and we left feeling so rewarded. That was a sweet tender mercy, because we have been hard at work. 

I went to my first Missionary Leadership Training meeting last week (used to be Zone Leader Council). There are four sister training leaders in the mission, and we are responsible for conducting exchanges with other sisters in the mission, reporting to President Collins, participating in zone trainings when asked, and maintaining the progress of our own area. No break time! This last week has already been incredibly rewarding...and the Lord is definitely giving me the ability to do everything. It's crazy. The Zone Leaders called and asked what I thought would be good for them to train on at our next zone meeting. I suggested Goal Setting and Planning, and they said, "We were thinking the exact same thing! What else?" I thought for a minute and looked at my notes and I said, "What about confidence?" They said, "Oh man, that's crazy. We just had a conversation about faith and hope, and how these new missionaries could use more faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement!" Revelation!! Well, turns out they want me to train on that...eek! Sister Pitcher has already given me some great ideas, and now it's just a matter of getting everything organized. Being a missionary right now is CRAZY!!! And I love it. I just want to grab hold of every single day and make it slow down!! I am exhausted. But this is all so much fun.

One of our investigators has been studying intently from the Book of Mormon and at our last lesson we committed her to pray to know if she should be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She wants to find inner peace, and we promised she would feel that with the gift of the Holy Ghost. She asks a lot of questions and is really praying to know if these things are true. It was a great lesson, and we're looking forward to meeting with her this week! Hopefully baptismal date soon!! 

Love you all. Uber much. Keep livin the gospel. It's the best news in the world.

Sister Allen

PICTURE - My new companion, Sister Pitcher! She is amazing!

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