Monday, April 22, 2013

Dearest family and friendsies!

We got the transfer call this week... I'm staying in Fishers, woot!! Unfortunately, my lovely Sis. O'Brien is leaving :( She has been so wonderful, and we have learned so much together. It's amazing how much the work sped up in Fishers. We have had some pretty incredible lessons and we've been so happy! 
President Collins asked me to be one of the new sister training leaders this transfer. Crazy! I don't know exactly what it entails, but know I will be going on exchanges with other sisters and participating in the missionary leadership council. I'm super excited, but I will definitely be on my knees a lot the next 6 weeks!

I woke up the other night to a huge thunderstorm outside. I couldn't sleep, so I sat in our living room for about ten minutes just watching the lightning hit the ground outside. It was crazy. I felt like we were gonna be blown away. But we weren't :) 

I have gained a strong testimony of preparing as much as we can in our studies before we go in to teach people. Then once we go into the lesson, we let the spirit guide. Sometimes it goes a completely different direction than we planned, but so many times the investigator will bring something up that leads to exactly what we studied. One lady we're teaching was super excited to meet with us last week, and she had a ton of questions regarding authority and how the Book of Mormon relates to the Bible. That morning, we weren't really sure what we'd teach, but Sis. O'Brien suggested that we draw out a chart that really clearly explains the Restoration. The woman spent ten minutes asking question after question, and I was thinking, How in the world are we going to answer all these questions? I was trying to remember everything she was talking about, but when she finished Sis. O'Brien said, "I think this chart will answer a lot of your questions." She drew it out on a white board and we explained the priesthood and some of her other questions. She's been meeting with missionaries since 2010 and there is still so much she doesn't understand! I've discovered how necessary it is to just bring it all back to the basics. By the end of the lesson all of her questions were answered. It was amazing! She is still reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know specifically if this is God's will for her. She was anxious to set up another appointment with us. She's searching for truth, and she loves learning! Hopefully she'll be able to come to church soon.

We were walking through an apartment complex and saw a guy outside walking his dog. We started talking to him and he was super outgoing and said, "Tell me something I don't know!" We talked a little bit about prophets and the Restoration, and he said he'd love to learn more! He's only 17 so he said he would talk to his parents, and we gave him our number. On Friday we were calling some people and he was on our list to call...but he called us first! He said, "I told you I'm a man of my word!" We set up an appointment to meet on Sunday. Unfortunately that fell through, but we'll be visiting him tonight and he's super excited to learn! He's sad that Sis. O'Brien is leaving so soon, but he told us, "Keep spreading God's word! You've already helped me become better and I don't know what you have to teach but I know something good is coming my way." We told him he will love the message we share, because it is true and it has brought us so much joy! Golden contact, right there. He is sweet. 

We have come to absolutely love the people we teach. One woman we've been teaching is 84 years old, and she just loves our visits. This last week we taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and she agreed with everything. She has agreed with everything we've taught since the beginning. She believes it's all true. The spirit was so strong, and we talked a lot about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. She said she has already been baptized, and she still doesn't want to change. She agrees that all of these things are necessary for salvation, but she says, "It's hard to change when you're as old as I am. And I would be terrified to get into that water." She still wants to meet with us and learn, and she still is reading from the Book of Mormon. She asked us when we'll know how much longer we're staying in the area, and we told her transfers are next week. She tried to hold it together, but she just started bawling. She said, "I just didn't think I would love you so fast! If I could choose two girls to be my granddaughters, it would be you! I just want to adopt you. And I want you to go out and treat somebody else exactly as you've treated me." By this time we were all crying, including the member who came with us. We had drawn out a chart that shows how the steps of the gospel of Jesus Christ lead to eternal life, and I pointed to the sun that represented eternal life and said, "We are all going to see each other right here!" She said, "I know!" There was so much love in that room, and I know that she will accept the gospel, whether it's in this life or the next. She has family members who have already done the temple work for her parents, so she is surrounded by the gospel. She is amazing, and I love her so much.

I'm so happy. I love being a missionary. This next transfer will be crazy! I'm excited. 

Love you'ns!

Sister Allen

1. Mmyesss...we are indeed fishers of men. Spreadin the word!
2. I opened the fridge to make some cookies...and an egg fell out. We asked the elders for another one, and they gave us two just in case we "tripped and broke one." They know us too well.
3. Our stylish haircuts from a wonderful woman in the stake who cuts ALL the missionaries' hair! We were just two of 6 other missionaries who asked her to cut their hair today...must be transfers this week :)

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