Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Easter / April Fools day!! We thought about putting numbing cream in cupcake frosting for the elders today...but then we reconsidered because we don't want to cause some crazy allergic reaction or anything. We're leaving it up to our dinner appointment tonight...they told the elders we're having an eating contest tonight, but little do the elders know that they're putting hot sauce in the brownies...hehehe...

We found a couple new investigators this week! One was a former investigator who has been taught about prophets and Joseph Smith several times, but the missionaries just can never seem to contact her after that. She is a single mother of 3 girls, and she is fascinated with the idea of prophets, so hopefully she will watch General Conference with us this weekend! Which we are so excited for!! There's something about watching conference away from home that makes us feel right at home. 

We have been teaching an older woman who loves family history and has been receiving lots of help from the ward, and this last week we read the BoM intro with her and watched the Restoration DVD. She said the video was beautiful, and she absolutely loved it. She believes everything we teach! She has no doubt that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. She completely believes in modern revelation! But she has no intention of leaving her church because she has been a part of it her entire life. We just need to help her see the implications of all of this being true...because she is solid, and she loves our visits. She is so cute. 

At one of our dinner appointments, the member invited her neighbor who's from Japan, and she has been Christian for about ten years. This is the first time on my mission that a member has invited a friend over for dinner! That is such an effective way for people to find out more about the church. It is non-threatening, friendly, and helps the person know what this gospel really is about. We shared a simple Easter message about Christ and invited the woman to read from her Japanese Book of Mormon that this family gave her. Hopefully they will invite her to meet with us again and we can start teaching her! 

We are hoping that our next Easter basket that comes will be full of VEGGIES because we have been getting so much sugar!! It is sure delicious, but we are bringing it all to the church today where we play dodgeball with all the other missionaries (actually I never play unless they decide to set up the volleyball net :)) so we can get rid of it! We sure are well taken care of by the members here. They are so great.

Happy spring to everyone! Hope it's warm and sunshiney!

Love, Sister Allen

1. Duck eggs right outside our apartment! This morning the mama duck laid 2 more eggs...
2. All of us missionaries in Fishers! 
3. Setting up for a ward Easter Egg hunt 

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