Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear family and friends,

Fishers is booming! We are staying so busy, which is crazy because at the beginning things were so slow and we were always looking for people to teach and things to do to make effective use of our time. Now we have so many appointments and we have no spare time! It is so awesome to see the work growing. We had two investigators watch at least one session of General Conference, and they loved it! One older woman we are teaching was telling us about how she loved the talk about marriage. She has five dogs, and she was telling us how one of them was sick this week and all the other dogs were kind of ganging up on her. She decided to apply what she learned at conference, so she sat down with her dog Buddy and said, "That is no way to treat Minnie. I will not put up with that kind of behavior." She said Buddy just looked straight at her with the most serious look. Since then, Buddy has not messed with Minnie at all, and Minnie has started feeling better! She said, "I applied what I learned in General Conference!" Oh she is so cute.

Conference was INCREDIBLE. And it went by way too fast. Instead of trying to write down everything they were saying, this time I really tried to focus on the things that I was thinking. It was cool because I felt like I was writing down more of my own personal revelation! It's interesting because during the first two sessions the thing that was sticking out to me the most was creating a gospel-centered home, and how our influence inside the home is much more important than anything outside the home. I thought that was weird that it hit me so much as a missionary, but I realized that I am here to prepare for my future family. The mission for me is more about my companions than about all the things we have to do or the people we have to teach. Those are extremely important, but if we are not doing all we can to build our relationship as companions, nothing else will fall into place. 

Conference definitely has a different element as a missionary. It's awesome because I feel so at home when I watch, and so unified with everyone other member of the church in the world! The fact that we're all watching at the same time just makes me so happy. And my gospel perspective has just expanded so much. I love the simple talks that just lay out the gospel so plainly because that is what investigators need to hear. It is so great to hear apostles teaching the exact same things we teach as missionaries. I just want to tell people, "See? It's all true! It's all consistent, and we all teach the same things!" After conference in the car on the way home I said to my companions, "This gospel is just too true! I can't handle it!"

In zone meeting last week our zone leader asked us to think of at least one person who we know we were sent to Indiana to find. I have had so many incredible experiences so far, and I don't know what I have done or said specifically that has helped our investigators progress, so I couldn't really think of any one person. But then I remembered Sis. Crosby, my last companion. We related in ways that nobody else could quite understand. The fact that I was the only sister training that transfer was not a coincidence. I realized that I am here in Indiana for my companions, and to learn very specific lessons from them. It was a huge testimony to me that I am here at a very specific time, for very specific people, to learn very specific lessons. God is so involved in the details.

Well, this is sure an exciting time. Oh man. Sometimes I want to explode because this is all too good to be true!! But it IS true!!

Love you all :)

Sister Allen

1. MTC buddies!
2. Our lovely lunch we made for Sis. Collins between conference sessions on Saturday
3. Roommates!
4. "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K..." (what movie?... hehe)
5. After lunch with Sis. Collins! We absolutely love her. She is incredible.

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