Monday, Feb. 11, 2013

Dear family and friends,

I'm in Fishers!! I've been transferred to Fishers 1st ward. Amazing ward, amazing people. But this week has been super insane. 

On Wednesday we met our new companions. Nine new sisters fresh out of the MTC! And 18 elders!! It was a very intense transfer meeting. I am now training Sis. O'Brien--she is 6'1", super chill, she loves to wear gold, and she loves sports. We got all our stuff put in the cars, and Sis. O'Brien and I headed to our new apartment. Right when we got there, we got a call from the assistants to come back to the church. To make a long story short, we have another sister with us. She will be with us until next week when her new companion comes, and they will cover Fishers 2nd ward. But for now the three of us are covering Fishers 1 and 2, which they just opened to sisters again. We got a totally new apartment with a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and lots of space. It's super nice. But we are starting from scratch. It's crazy!! I have been pacing back and forth and walking in circles all week long cuz I'm trying to do a million and eight things at once. But things are coming together, and we are orienting ourselves! We have been updating records and the map all week. We attended both wards yesterday, and the members are super awesome! They are already so focused on missionary work! We got haircuts from the stake young women's president today, and she told us, "You should not be knocking on doors in this area. The members here will find you people to teach." I totally believe her, because every member we've talked to has been so willing to have lessons in their homes and to come to lessons, and several people had their friends at church on Sunday. We are going to stay plenty busy here. I'm super excited. It's definitely a big transition from Zionsville--I haven't been in a ward this big in years! 

So it's been crazy. But I know the Lord is in charge, and He is definitely helping us. I just have to keep myself sane. Take things one day at a time :) I still just love love being a missionary. I can't believe how fast this all goes. 

1. After our first week in Fishers...
2. Last day with Sis. Crosby :(
3. Generational picture! Sis. Carter is the grandma, I am her daughter, the sister on the left is Sis. Carter's other daughter, and Sis. Crosby and Sis. O'Brien are my daughters! In other words, Sis. Carter trained me and the other blonde sister, and I trained Sis. Crosby and now Sis. O'Brien :)
4. Me and Sis. O'Brien! She is 6' 1"! Super sporty and chill. She's gonna be an awesome missionary.

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