Monday, Feb. 18, 2013

Dearest family and friends,

I think it's pretty great that I served my first 6 months in ZIONsville, and now I'm in FISHERS. Hehe.

We had an incredible lesson with a family in Fishers 2 while we were covering both wards (Fishers 1 and 2). The husband is not a member, and his wife has been less-active for years. He started reading the Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago, and since then he has completely cut out caffeine, he finishes work on Saturday so he doesn't have to work on Sunday, and he's been coming to church for a month. This is all before we even started teaching him! We met with them at a member's home, and we taught the Restoration. The members' insights were perfect, and the spirit was so so strong. The nonmember mentioned that he didn't want to set up a baptism date because he didn't want to be unfair to the Church with all the things he doesn't know yet. But later while we were talking about the Holy Ghost and the influence it has been having on his life, Sis. O'Brien said, "Can we set up a baptism date for you?" He immediately said yes. We testified to him that the changes he's been making in his life are a direct result of the gospel. It was amazing to feel the spirit working so strongly through all of us. The members started crying as they shared their testimonies. We committed him to be baptized on March 16, and that was the one Saturday he was going to take off work for that month. His wife was in shock, because this was so unlike him to commit so quickly. But he is still committed and he will be baptized in a month! Sis. O'Brien and I decided it wouldn't be so bad to cover both Fishers 1 and 2 just so we could continue teaching this family. And the members of Fishers 2 are incredible. Sis. Tagg and Sis. Hamblin sure are lucky. But the ward leaders in Fishers 1 are just as amazing. We love it here.

This is Sis. O'Brien's most recent joke. "Ask me if I'm a tree." "Are you a tree?" "No." 

Our apartment and church building are out of our area because technically they're in Fishers 2 area. So we texted our district leader on Sunday and asked, "Can we have permission to leave our area to go to church?" He said, "You sisters are great. Yes you may." We're so funny :)

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Happy President's Day! Or whatever holiday it is. Stay happy and warm!!!

Sister Allen

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