Monday, Sep. 23, 2013

(my little sista's birthday!!! Happy birthday Brina!!!)

Dear Family and Friendsies,

Still at IU with Sis. Clark, and the next transfer is in about 2 weeks! I'm pretty sure one of us will be never know with President Cleveland. A couple months ago Elder Switzer of the 70 visited the mission and he talked about good leadership qualities, one of which is predictability. Sis. Clark and I have decided that you can always predict that President Cleveland will never be predictable! 

We are teaching a ton and going on a lot of exchanges. There are a few people here who are extremely prepared, and we are excited to help them work towards baptism. J had a baptismal date of October 5 but we will probably be moving that to the week after because he didn't make it to church this Sunday, and October 5 is General Conference. We are teaching a Chinese girl who knows this is what she wants, and she has recently developed a belief in God because she prays every day and is recognizing answers to her prayers. Amazing! Another Chinese guy we are teaching is in 2 Nephi of the Book of Mormon and even though he doesn't really understand its purpose, he feels the spirit when he reads. Most Chinese people have no idea what the spirit feels like! Yesterday he texted us, "Was the temple Nephi build intended for his people?" He is a deep thinker! I am definitely being stretched and trying to keep up with everything. We see miracles every day!

Our branch had branch conference yesterday, and the stake president talked about how he reads patriarchal blessings of all the youth in the stake. A lot of blessings have recently mentioned being on the earth for the Second Coming. He very firmly stated, "Most of you will probably be alive for the Second Coming of the Savior." I've always had an inkling that that could be a possibility, but out here it has become so much more real. I've realized what I am helping to prepare people for. Jesus Christ has become much more real to me. He is coming. And if I am not on the earth when He comes, my kids for sure will be. That is why we are HASTENING THE WORK. For the Second Coming of the Savior. 

I've gained this strange love for cemeteries out here. There are some beautiful cemeteries in Indiana, and the other day we drove past one and the Spirit just overcame me. I realized that there are real spirits there, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of the reality of the afterlife. I know that there are Spirits all around us, but I haven't felt that as strongly as I have being a missionary. I don't think I've realized how sensitive I've become to the Spirit. In branch conference one of the speakers talked a lot about angels, how they are all around us. Not only are there angels from the spirit world, but also angels who live here on the earth right now. We are all the angels who are helping to prepare the hearts of the people to be prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Well, deep thoughts for the week. We are continuing to teach and grow in our knowledge of the gospel. The leaves on the trees are starting to change and it is wonderful!! Most beautiful time of year, especially in Indiana!

These are our transfer scriptures of the week: D&C 84:85, 88. We get to quote them every morning. Amazing.

Love, Sister Allen

1. Standing in front of the performance building at IU
2. Washing the car!

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