Monday Dec 30, 2013

And my next area is... idea!!! President called last night to tell me I'm being transferred!! I have to admit, last night's call came as quite a bit of a shock to both me and Sis. McKendrick. I suppose that things were too good to be true. We were too happy together. But looks like I get to be a normal missionary again for my very last transfer. No more sister-training-leadering, just normal missionary work, which is awesome!! I am ready to do whatever God has in store...I have read and re-read Elder Dube's last general conference talk about Moving Forward in Faith. It doesn't matter what we have done, what matters is what we are willing to do. We can't look back and dwell on the past, we must look forward in faith. Faith is always pointing towards the future. And whenever God extends a release from a calling, we must joyfully accept that release and willingly accept whatever is to come. That is my prayer this next transfer, that I will look ahead and not backwards. God is really testing my faith, and I will miss Bloomington and the people here like crazy, but I know that wherever I go is where I am needed. I trust God completely, even though it's hard when He changes things up on you! And these crazy changes just make missionary work more exciting and unpredictable! It definitely requires us to rely much more on the spirit. 

Students have been gone during the break, but we have definitely been blessed to meet with people who live around us, it's amazing. We've set up some appointments just from delivering Christmas treats to people! Chocolate really works! We're passing quite a few people to the elders in the family wards, so they are very grateful. We're excited for the students to come back to school, and Sis. McKendrick knows she has a big responsibility ahead. She's excited to take on the challenge, and I know she and her new companion will do so well. She's an incredible missionary and has been a huge blessing for me. 

Christmas was absolutely wonderful. So relaxing and joyful. The McClellans, the senior institute couple here, had us over for dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We have gotten really close with them, and they do so much for us. And it was so great to talk to my family!! I love you all lots :)

Some thoughts from this week:
- We bring people KNOWLEDGE, and knowledge brings PEACE.
- I get to feel the spirit so consistently as a missionary, and after 17 months God has become my best friend. He loves me better than anyone else. I trust in Him and can talk to Him about anything, and He is so patient with me.
- I don't know exactly what Christ did for me or how He did it. I just know He did it. And I am eternally grateful.

I'm ready to work hard my last transfer of the mission. I'm excited to put together everything I have learned and use it all to its fullest. I'm grateful for everything I've learned, and I hope to be a blessing to my new area.


1. Writing letters on Christmas day.
2. Christmas dinner!

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