Monday, Nov. 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Time's already mid-November, and Thanksgiving is approaching!! Transfers are next week so we'll see where I end up...hopefully I'll just finish the mission here in Bloomington, best city in Indiana.

We had a Relief Society activity this weekend where we met at the institute and watched Mormon messages and ate popcorn and cookies. The girl (C) who wrote the article for the IU paper came, and she is becoming so comfortable with the members! When the RS sister introduced the activity she told C, "You're probably not as familiar with these mormon messages yet..." Then C went on to admit that she spent two hours the day before watching mormon messages...she's obsessed! Her friend comes home from his mission this week and she's going to ask him to baptize her on Dec. 14! 

We've had some investigators bring up some concerns, and I thought I'd ask you all if you have any good answers or thoughts. We are studying hard for answers, but we're open to any insights you may have!
1. One of our investigators was reading 1 Nephi 4 and had a really hard time with it. She doesn't understand how the spirit could compel someone to break a commandment like killing someone. Her main concern is how do you know when it's the spirit versus just your own thoughts? Also, why did Nephi have to kill Laban in order to get the plates if he was already drunk and he could've just gone in and gotten the plates right then? What was the purpose?
2. Why do we need prophets on the earth today when Jesus Christ already came to the earth to fulfill the law and teach us everything we need to know? 

We're teaching a guy from Brazil and I think I wrote about one of our lessons in a previous email...he is probably my favorite person to teach, because everything we teach he just knows is true. I'm pretty sure we all met in the pre-existence, because our spirits just connect. It's the most incredible thing. Yesterday we met at a member's home and he just asked questions about the Book of Mormon, and every answer we gave he understood and loved. He is praying about baptism and he knows it is a big step, but we are helping him have faith in this decision and know that it is something he will never regret. 

I love being a missionary. My teaching skills are being so refined, and it's really hard to change but it's amazing to look back and see God's hand in everything. He is so aware of us, and He wants us to change. We just have to be willing to accept His will and be obedient. One of my biggest goals is being a CREATOR of circumstance rather than a CREATURE of circumstance (from a talk Pres. Cleveland gave to us last week). Live in the moment and enjoy life, no matter what your circumstances!

Love you all so so much.

Sister Allen

PICTURE--Sis. Fullmer and I on exchanges with the dessert pizzas Jalen made us for dinner!

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