Monday, Aug. 12, 2013

My wonderful family and friends,

This week has been busy and exhausting, but Sis. Clark and I just love being together. She keeps me motivated and we love being obedient and seeing miracles and tender mercies that come from that. 

We went to Family Home Evening with the branch on Monday night, and I decided if I ever have to move anywhere, I'm contacting this branch because there were like 20 of the 30 members who showed up to help people move! A bunch of people are moving in and out of apartments, and it took an hour and a half to move three apartments. Miracle. The only casualty was a garbage can lid that flew off the back of a trailer and got smashed by another member who was driving behind. But everything else was safe :) One girl in the branch was telling us about her friend who was talking about renting a truck to help them move, and she told her, "I'm Mormon, we don't need a truck." I love this church :)

I feel like I'm serving in a foreign country...I can't pronounce the names of anyone we meet! We find a ton of people who want to talk, and now it's just a matter of setting up appointments with them. This area is so fast-paced, and I love it.

We have been striving to increase our faith a lot this week, and Sis. Clark and I have had some amazing studies together where we've realized how faith really requires a change in our actions, and we are recognizing that we need to change our perception of how we've been doing missionary work. We see how crucial the members are to hastening this work, and we are striving to follow the spirit to change our ways and be more effective missionaries. There is so much joy in this work!

Funny/slightly embarrassing story of the week: We were on an exchange, and I was driving. I stopped at a stop sign at a one-way street, and I sat back and said, "Wow, what a day." Sis. Howard looked at me and said, "Yeah." She looked both ways, looked at me, looked both ways again, and said, "Are you gonna go?" I said, "Oh ya," and drove through the stop sign. I'm not quite sure what I was waiting for...but we sat for like 30 seconds before I realized there were no cars coming and we weren't actually at a stop light. That was embarrassing...

Favorite prayer of the week: "To whoever is listening...Thank you for this. This is awesome. This is great. We're just happy to be together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" and he threw his hands up in the air. At any rate, we're teaching him this week. Probably about prayer :)

Love you all! The gospel is true! Keep spreading it! Invite your friends to learn about it!

Love always, 
Sister Allen

1. Our beautiful veggies provided by our branch president's wife...she has taken such good care of us
2. Exchange with Sis. Jones--solid missionary!
3. Me and Sis. Clark. We love each other!

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