Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been a roller coaster! Still in Fishers of course :) I don't think I'll ever leave the Indy North zone...which is fine with me, I think I'll just stay here forever.

Several people have been hesitant to listen to us because they bring up the scripture that talks about false prophets, and how if the prophecies of prophets don't come to pass then "you have to stone them." Then we say, "Well actually, all the prophecies from the prophets have been fulfilled!" Does anyone have some cool examples of prophecies from the prophet that have been fulfilled? 

I'm so grateful for my companion Sis. Knight. She is so diligent and makes every phone call and just works hard! She is a great teacher, and we laugh a lot together and love serving with each other.

We followed up with Sis. D who truly understands the power of the priesthood since receiving a blessing from the elders. She still struggles with the idea of tithing, but she started crying when we told her that everything she's been learning is preparing her to live with her family and stand next to God in His kingdom. She knows it's all true.

One way I have been blessed by serving a mission is that I have really come to understand my divine potential and my role as a daughter of God. The mission is so individual for each person, and every missionary is called to fulfill a very specific role. If we really fulfill our purpose, we understand how essential we each are in the growth of the church, and we recognize how God uses our specific talents and abilities. It's amazing.

The other day we were trying some potential investigators. We knocked on a door and the woman's son answered. He said he would tell his mom we stopped by. We left and walked back towards our car. Two minutes later we heard footsteps behind us and "Excuse me!" We turned around and this kid (about 17 years old) was running towards us and asked, "Um...I was just wondering..." I said, "Why we wanted to talk to your mom?" He said, "Ya," while gasping for breath. We told him our purpose and about prophets, and I said, "Do you want to learn more?" He said, "Ya." We gave him our number and he gave us his mom's number, and we set up an appointment. It's not often that people chase US down :)

We were able to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert on their tour on Friday! They haven't been in Indiana since 1911! Our ward mission leader drove us and a woman we've been meeting with, and the concert could not have been more incredible. They sang Welsh hymns, Music of the Masters, American Folk Hymns and Spirituals, Music from around the world, the American Songbook, and of course their signature hymns "Come Come Ye Saints" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (I always think of you, Sabrina :)). After the concert I saw several families from Zionsville who are just like family to me...oh I miss that area. Alex Boye sang a couple solos, and in the second song he started bobbing his head, then he broke out into dance and got the whole audience laughing! Highlight of the night. 

The next day a bunch of missionaries went to Indy to volunteer at PBS Kids in the Park where people dress up as PBS characters and take pictures with kids. So fun! We controlled lines and helped clean up. It was a nice break from the norm, but we have all been exhausted from being out in the sun. So I'm trying to catch up on sleep...and Relief Society is the one time in the week where we're listening to other people teach, so it's hard for me to stay awake...but the work is still moving forward, and we are happy! We are maintaining the work in our area even with all these events and going on exchanges, so we're hoping we can continue to meet with our investigators and get some people progressing towards baptism! It's slow, but it's happening. People's hearts are changed, and it's neat to see.

Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Allen

1. Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the Banker's Life Fieldhouse! AMAZING!!! 
2. Me and Sis. Knight my lovely companion!
3. Happy 20th birthday to Sis. Knight :)
4. Volunteering at PBS kids in the park

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