Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Sis. McQuivey finally got her Visa to Brazil! I got a new companion this week, Sis. Knight, and Sis. McQuivey was transferred up to Kokomo, Indiana. The next day she got a call and said she's leaving on Tuesday to Brazil! So she is pretty excited.

Sis. Knight is a great missionary, I love working with her. She's from California and she's been out 3 months. She's super cute and fun. She has a solid testimony and she is dedicated to using her time as efficiently as possible! We get a lot done together! 

I feel more prepared about exchanges this transfer, and I hope that I will be able to share things with the other sisters that will help them feel more confident in their abilities. It hit me while we were at transfers what a huge calling this is to be on a mission at this very specific time. President Collins has been pleading with the experienced missionaries to cling to the culture of the mission. More than half of the mission has been out less than 3 transfers. That will definitely have an effect on missionary work, but once all of these missionaries have been trained the rate of baptisms will shoot up--God has this planned out so well!!

I gave a training at zone meeting this week about Ward Council and the Circle Chart (it's a chart for ward council members to help members work effectively with missionaries--and if it's used correctly, members are given opportunities to help missionaries find people to teach!). President Collins once showed us a statistic that the number of people who are baptized when they have members at lessons is WAY higher than those who don't have members come. The fellowship is crucial. One missionary in the Indy YSA ward showed my companion four teaching records of people who were recently baptized. Two of them had members at maybe one or two lessons, and they are already less active. Two of them had members at all but one or two lessons, and they are still active. I've also noticed that with a woman that we're teaching--she's met with missionaries since 2010 and had a few member present lessons, but since we've met with her she's had members at every single lesson and her whole perspective of the Mormon church has completely changed! She knows it's all true and wants her family to start learning! 

We met again with Lily this week. We explained the Book of Mormon and talked about faith. She was texting us questions about the Book of Mormon yesterday, and she is really sincere about finding out if this is true! She understands that if it is true then she should be baptized. She would like to come to church soon, and we are excited to be meeting with her! 

We taught Curtis, our friend from "the hood," and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was super tired from work and had just been drinking a beer, so we're not sure how "in tune" he was. But hopefully he will read this week. He's super chill and easygoing, so we're not sure what his intent is, but we'll keep trying! 

We taught Sis. D this week about tithing. Does anybody have any experiences that have strengthened your testimony of the law of tithing? She was in a lot of pain this week because she fell, so the member at the lesson suggested she receive a blessing. So yesterday before church, we met the Elders and another member at Sis. D's house, and we talked to her about the priesthood and Elder Rider gave her a sweet blessing. The spirit was so strong. She said she has a lot of faith in God's will for her. When the blessing ended, she waited for a second and said, "Well, I feel the same...but I definitely feel happier!" She was super grateful.

I had a really cool thought this morning. God knew He needed a ton of missionaries at this specific time, because the Second Coming is seriously right around the corner. President Monson could have easily stood up and said, "Alright, we need a lot more missionaries out in the field, so we're making it a requirement for all young men and women to go at 19." But instead all he said was, "We're changing the missionary age to 18 for elders and 19 for sisters." And look at the response. God allowed everyone to still use their agency completely. And He saved the valiant young men and women for this super specific time to dedicate 18 months to 2 years to finding those who are being prepared. I've been amazed at the dedication of all these 18 and 19 year olds coming out. They are so prepared and so excited to spread the gospel! God's plan is so perfect. We are part of the biggest time in missionary history!!

We are very busy here in Fishers--lots of people to teach. We hope to see some people at church in the next few weeks. Lots of people are being prepared!!

Love you all! Happy summer.

Sister Allen

1. Last day with Sis. McQuivey
2. New companion Sis. Knight!
3. Sis. D's dog--the dog isn't dead, she just has a really long tongue and that's how she lays when she wants us to pet her

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