December 3, 2012

Sis. Crosby and I are happy. Things are going slowly in Zionsville, because we are really trying to find people to teach. We fasted on Sunday for inspiration to find people, and we really feel strongly that we need to work closely with the members. We've brainstormed some ideas with our branch mission leader and we would like to start meeting with members in the evening to practice teaching them. We will also pass around a service calendar where members can sign up if they need us to come help out with anything. We really hope this will help build trust and relationships with the members and get them more excited about missionary work! This may be a long-term process, but we are hoping we can be patient and see results! It's been hard to not have a lot of people to teach, but we are working hard and doing all we can to meet our goals, and re-evaluating when our efforts aren't as effective as they could be.

Sis. Crosby has great insights! Sometimes I get carried away in plans and just go go go, until I crash and realize I can't do this on my own! The Lord is definitely humbling me and helping me know that His way is always so much better than my way.

We watched the 1st Pres. Christmas devotional last night--so wonderful! I just love the spirit of Christmas! Those talks were so wonderful, and I just soak in the MoTab singing...ah so good.

Well, gtg...time to make like a missionary and split!

Love, Sister Allen

- Geese!
- Kiss mark from our neighbor Mary :)

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