December 10, 2012

Our finding fast paid off this week, and we had several great lessons with a couple former and potential investigators we have been trying to get in touch with! We randomly stopped by one girl's house on Wednesday night and she had time to have a lesson! We talked about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation--it was very intense, and she had a lot of questions. She's totally willing to read and pray about the BoM, and she said she would be baptized if she found out these things are true. She won't have time to meet with us again til January, but she would like time to read, so hopefully we can meet with her again! She's pretty committed to her current faith...but that can always change :) We left that lesson and thought, "What just happened?" So cool!

We also met with a former investigator who has been looking for a good church to raise her three boys in. We brought a member of our branch and answered a lot of her questions. It really hit home for her, and she asked us, "So where is your church at?" Ah, we never have people ask us where church is! We're usually trying to convince them to come! She didn't make it this Sunday, but hopefully next week! So so cool. She is ready :)

Sometimes we worry that we're having too much fun...Sis. Crosby and I love being together, and we talk and laugh a lot. We are making a goal to have more quiet dignity. We want to allow more time for silence to feel the spirit and more peace. The other day we started talking about how every missionary has different strengths and weaknesses, and we were called specifically to Zionsville, Indiana at this specific time because of our specific abilities. That's a pretty amazing thought!

Sister Crosby really has a beautiful way of speaking to people and she's very humble and real. She also pays a lot of attention to detail and makes sure she understands something fully before we move on. We love role-playing together, and I'm learning a lot how to make effective lesson plans. We think very much the same, so we get a lot done and make sure we follow through with our commitments to other people! It is so much fun working with her!

I feel so happy and at peace with being a missionary. I don't feel so new and uncomfortable anymore. It is so great to finally feel myself and like I can talk and laugh and express myself! It helps to have such a wonderful companion and an incredible branch. I just have such an overwhelming sense of love for everyone here!!!!!

No pics this week. We've been busy! Luv you all!

Sister Allen 

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