November 12, 2012

Well, here we are...end of the transfer! This went by WAY too fast. And now...I'm done with training! Eek! Well...not exactly...

Last night we went to a Why I Believe fireside, where missionaries invite investigators and recently baptized members to share their testimonies and experiences of "why they believe." It was neat--powerful testimonies. Afterwards, while people were mingling, Pres. Collins motioned that he wanted to talk to me and Sis. Carter. We followed him into a room in the church building. He shut the door and started setting up chairs. I realized, "Ok, this isn't just something quick." We all sat down. Pres. Collins looked straight at me. He said, "So, are you ready to train?" Ah!! I threw my head down in my hands, and then looked up at him and quietly said, "Yes?..." I expected him to then say, "Great! Well, you don't have to train this transfer, but I just wanted to see how you've transitioned into things!" But instead, he grabbed both of my hands between his, and he said, "I will tell you one thing. DON'T do it alone." At this point I knew he was being serious. He told me who my companion is going to be, and I now know I will be staying in Zionsville! He then told Sis. Carter that she will be going up to Lafayette to serve in a trio! So we know where we're going before we even go to our transfer meeting on Wednesday! I can't believe I'm training...I was in shock all last night, but I also felt very at peace. I wish I could've just given Pres. Collins a big hug. He is like my father out here. (Except for you, dad :) ) Afterwards, Sis. Carter and I just hugged each other a bunch and we just kept laughing and saying, "I love you so much!" She has given me a ton of advice, and she is wrapping up all the loose ends in the apartment. She is SO responsible, and she does not leave an area with any baggage! Her two biggest pieces of advice: BE OPEN with your companion, and LET LITTLE THINGS GO. Those are probably the two greatest lessons I've learned in this companionship--to share ALL of my thoughts with my companion, and to not worry so much about the little things. Not worry if I'm doing things right!

I am SO excited to stay in Zionsville, and I will be here for the next three months to do this training program! I am so happy I will be here for Christmas, because the branch members out here are like my family. They are seriously the greatest, and I love them so much. I am so blessed to be here!!

The last picture is our district "killing off" one of the elders--just like the picture in the book of Abraham, when he's sacrificing his son Isaac...heh :)

LOVE YOU ALL!!! No time to write more! But this week was great!

Sister Allen

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