November 19, 2012

Indiana is the best mission in the world!!! Seriously, though. Who knew that Indiana was such a hidden treasure??

No pictures today...forgot my camera cord.

But this week has been a blast! My new companion is Sister Crosby, and I love her! She is from Eagar, Arizona--2nd youngest of 10! We are having so much fun together! She is so sweet and loving. She knows her purpose as a missionary and wants to work hard to accomplish our goals. She gives great insights and she has been able to open up about questions and concerns already. She is wonderful! Her first day here she said, "I want to come back and live in Zionsville!" That is how awesome Zionsville is. I'm so happy I will be here for the next three months--Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year!! I feel right at home. I am so blessed. 

I am so happy, and I feel a complete 180 turn in the things I was struggling with before. For the first time, I feel very familiar with the area, and I absolutely love to plan! We have been working on setting goals and making plans the right way--before we would make plans and then set goals according to those plans, but now Sis. Crosby and I are understanding how to set goals before making our plans, so that we can adjust our plans accordingly. Missionary work is a blast when we do all that we can to reach those inspired goals we have set! It is so much fun!! We are finding new investigators and having lots of lessons! 

This week we were able to get an appointment with Katrina who is a girl that our district leader and his companion tracted into a few weeks ago. They were in our area for a bit, and they gave us her information to go visit her! We got to know her, she said she really has no religious background, she isn't familiar with the Bible, and she is totally open to building her relationship with God and learning more! Miracle investigator! She graduated from college and is just working right now. We had a great lesson with her about the Restoration, invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true, and she is totally willing to do it! She didn't question anything that we taught. She is so cool. We will have another lesson with her this week and see how it goes!!

For Thanksgiving we are going to a member's home where they're having a big feast and they invite a bunch of people over for dinner! And then the next day that same family invites tons of people over for PIE! So this will be just like home! She makes about 30 pies every year, and she said in the past they've had 80-100 people come. We might try to invite some investigators and less-active members to come, so we can enjoy some pie while also fulfilling our purpose! :)

Well this week has been great! We did lots of planning for this next week, so we will be busy busy. Love you all so so much!


Love, Sister Allen

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