October 31, 2012

We had a wonderful lesson with our eternal investigator Pat last week (she's been meeting with the missionaries for over a year. She's basically the mission mom--friends with all the missionaries on FB when they go home, takes care of us all!). She had some questions about Ether, and then she told us about an experience she had where her aunt was saying some things that she didn't agree with, and usually she wouldn't have said anything, but words just came out and she spoke up! She said, "I don't know if it's because I've been meeting with the missionaries, or if I'm just feeling more bold, but I don't even know what I said! The words just came out!" Sis. Carter and I were both prompted to turn to D&C 84:85 and we explained that it was the spirit working through her! That scripture popped into my head and I didn't even know what it said, but it was super cool when Sis. Carter started reading that exact verse and we knew we were both listening to the spirit! Miracle! 

We had exchanges this week, and I went on exchanges with Sis. Bonner. We got along so well, and we saw miracles! It was awesome to drive the car and realize that I do know Zionsville much better than I realized! We talked to one guy, David, on his doorstep for about 20 minutes. I shared Joseph Smith's experience with him, and we left him a restoration pamphlet that he can read over before we come back. He said, "Wait, let me give you something in exchange." He went inside, and we expected him to come out with a pamphlet of his own. Instead he came out with two sets of ear warmers and a set of gloves! He said, "Here, you look cold, keep your ears and hands warm!" What a sweet guy!! We are so blessed!

Our branch president's wife stopped by today when Sis. Carter and I just happened to be in our apartment (usually we wouldn't be there at that time on a P-day), and she unloaded a bunch of groceries from Costco. Holy cow! Not only that, she gave us exactly what we had been planning on buying today. We are still in shock! The Lord is so good!

We attended the baptism of a girl in our branch on Saturday. I couldn't help but think about Brina getting baptized last week, and it was a tender mercy to be able to sit in that baptism. I ended up bawling through the whole thing, and afterwards while talking to Sis. Carter. She said the Lord really helps us to experience the same things our families are experiencing--then we don't feel so far away. The Lord is so involved in the details. It's incredible.

Sis. Carter and I did a fast to find people last Sunday, and this week we saw miracles! Not only did we find several new investigators and potential investigators, but I feel that I have found myself and my testimony in a new way! 

Sis. Carter and I have way too much fun together! The past two days we haven't been able to make it through our morning hymns because we end up laughing...but don't worry, we invite the spirit back and have INCREDIBLE studies!

My camera isn't connecting so no pictures this week...hopefully next! If we're all still alive after this hurricane that's supposed to hit the east coast!

We had a trainer/trainee meeting this week, and Pres. Collins emphasized how exciting a time this is to be serving a mission! This is an incredibly exciting time of transition, and the youth of the church are going to be so much more prepared to serve missions than any of us have ever been! They are boosting the numbers of each mission in the U.S., and there will be a huge spike in missionaries in the next couple years. There have been 7x as many applicants apply for missions...50% girls :) Ah how exciting! These truly are the last days, and the Lord is preparing his people to hear the gospel all over the world. He needs all the missionaries he can get, whether full-time missionaries or full-time members of the church. We all have a specific part to play in this time. What a blessing to be on this earth at this time! The Lord has so much trust in us, and He needs us! 

Love you all. Until next week :)

Sister Allen

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