October 1, 2012

This has been a great week. One of our investigators, Sarah, was in town from New Jersey and her mother passed away. We have visited her mother quite a bit, so Sarah asked us to say a few words at the funeral. She kept mentioning how it was no coincidence that the missionaries came into her life at this significant time. She has been reading from and loving the Book of Mormon. It was an honor to be a part of the funeral, and it was all very positive. We're hoping to get Sarah and her family involved with missionaries back at home in New Jersey. She is excited to teach her son and daughter more about the Book of Mormon.

This is going to be a week of re-evaluation because we have several investigators not really progressing, and lots of potential investigators we need to get in contact with. So we are hoping to find new people this week to turn into progressing investigators. Our investigator Pat, who has been investigating for over a year, is still gaining new realizations, but it seems she has decided to investigate the Catholic church more before she makes a final decision. She is very at peace, especially compared to before when she just did not feel right about being baptized. We have faith that her decisions are being guided, but we're not sure what our place as missionaries is in her life right now. We are excited for her to watch General Conference and see what she gets out of that, but if she still does not feel the desire to be baptized soon we are considering maybe pulling out of her life so she can figure things out on her own. Last time she came to church she purposefully sat in the back by herself so she could make sure she is doing things on her own instead of to please the missionaries and branch members. So we are praying a lot to know what to do in this situation!

Sis. Carter and I have a great companionship! We laugh a lot together, and have amazing study sessions! I am learning a lot from her, and love her a lot. We are helping each other reach our goals.

Classic line of Sis. Carter: "She last a lefting impression."
Yesterday I squished a little bug inside the car, and I accidentally opened the car door while we were driving instead of rolling down the window. Then later in the day I found my box of Kashi cereal inside the fridge. I think I'm losing it a little...

Oh, the groundbreaking for the Indianapolis Indiana temple was on Saturday! This community is so spiritually prepared to have a temple! The members are amazing, and membership in the church is expanding. The members are so strong, and they are so excited to finally have this temple in their area! They will receive so many blessings as they prepare to receive the blessings of eternity within the temple! The temple is all about families, and without it we could not receive those eternal blessings that are necessary for eternal life! I'm excited to come back to Indiana in two years to see the completed building and go through it. Ah, so amazing.

Also, the RS Broadcast was incredible! The new presidency has been called of God, they are wonderful! Such inspired messages, we really needed that reassurance of Christ's atonement and how we can apply it to ourselves. Also loved Pres. Eyring's message about serving others. Such good reminders. 

LOVE TO EVERYONE. My heart is so full and I am grateful to everyone's example and support to missionary work. This is an incredible work. 

love, Sister Allen

Pics--mowing an investigator's lawn--one of the best times of the week, so relaxing!
--the card is from our sweet neighbor who gives us gifts. She calls us Lois and Clark :)
--And our district! Awesome missionaries!

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