October 8, 2012

Missionary work is great! We LOVED General Conference, and we had 3 investigators (that we're aware of) watch at least one session! Ben (our 26-year-old investigator) came and sat with us at the last session and he whispered, "These guys rock!" He loves when people talk about Jesus! He tried to sing the songs with all of us once he got the tunes down. He is awesome. When Bro. Oglethorpe (Sunday School Pres) bore his testimony about Christ, Ben said "I would love to go to battle with that guy!"

Sweet experience from a couple weeks ago--we were teaching a wonderful couple Meredith and Steve. I see them doing great things in the church! Steve began his own nondenominational church here three years ago, and he is a great leader. I just have so much love for them and their daughter. Anyway, they had some questions about what a testimony is. I started talking, and I really didn't know what I was getting at, I was just talking. Suddenly I remembered something Sis. Carter and I had studied that morning, about how a testimony is based on the knowledge of the restoration of the gospel. My words flowed so much better, and I bore a testimony of the restoration, and when I finished Steve said, "Ok, I really appreciate you saying that." He really wants the stuff that comes from our hearts, not just the basic facts of the church. He is really testing our teaching abilities :) Anyway, later Sis. Carter and I were talking about praying for each other when we are in teaching appointments--when one of us isn't talking, we try to remember to pray for our companion as she is speaking. She said when I had started talking (and didn't really know what I was talking about), she had actually said a prayer in her heart, and that is when my words started flowing! Immediate answer to prayer! God is so good!

As missionaries, all we have to do is study hard, prepare as much as we can, and then...just SHOW UP. Once we enter someone's door, the spirit takes over, and we let Him guide. That is a great lesson to learn, and something we are really striving to be better at.

I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! IT IS BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS!!! Oh, we had a spiritual feast this weekend. When they made the announcement about the age change for missionaries, we all cried! The spirit was so strong! The youth of the church are so ready. I got so excited hearing Bro. Oglethorpe talk about the curriculum they are coming up with for youth of the church--they are being prepared early to know not only what to teach, but HOW to teach it! It is all about the fundamentals of the gospel! I absolutely love listening to conference, because we don't have to pick and choose what we believe to be true. Every single word spoken is the word of God, and it is all true! Sis. Carter and I got super excited when Elder Bednar started speaking about conversion and testimony, because we have been studying that exact thing for the past week! So neat!

Well I love you all. So much. God is so good, and His plan is full of joy and hope and love!!! We are so lucky to have a knowledge of His gospel! And everyone must hear it!


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