Monday, Dec. 16, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I am so grateful to be with Sis. McKendrick--she helps me always want to be better, and we are very open with each other. We are working on things together and we recognize that we're not perfect, but we're willing to help each other. She is always trying to figure out what she can do to help the other sisters in our stewardship. She is a great help to me. And we absolutely love being together. We are finding joy in this work!

We are seeing miracles with member-missionary work. I understand now what can happen as a result of members reaching out to their friends. We have 5 investigators on date to be baptized, 5 who came to church yesterday, and more who are progressing very well. I love serving with young single adults! 

I have felt the spirit so strongly this last week. I think these last few months of my mission will be my favorite, because I feel like I'm truly enjoying this work and many of my burdens have been lifted! I know that is a result of a lot of different things, but I am so grateful for how aware God is of me and He is blessing me so much. Yesterday one of our investigators asked us to share why we are grateful for the gospel, and she just wanted to hear our testimonies straight from the heart. It was hard for me to even speak, because as soon as I let myself think about it I get so overwhelmed and just cry!  

I've made some of my best friends out here. I am so grateful and humbled to associate with such incredible people.

We're having a mission-wide Christmas conference this Thursday, and I will be giving a talk on Hope. I realized just this morning as I was talking to Sis. McKendrick about my talk, that there have been several instances on my mission where I've studied specifically about hope: 1. In February my zone leaders trained on an effective way to study, and the sample question they asked was "What is hope, and how do we obtain it?" I came up with a 3 sentence definition of hope in that roleplay. 2. In March we did a bible study about hope at a rest home and this week I randomly flipped open to the page where I wrote out my notes for that. 3. Last transfer I was doing my morning exercises (jogging in place, so effective) and reading the Ensign, and the article I read happened to be on Hope, and it talked about exactly what I needed to hear. And now I have been asked to speak to the whole mission on this topic of Hope! I think God has prepared me very specifically for
We will also be doing a talent (me, Sis. McKendrick, Sis. Bowen, and Sis. Tolman--the amazing Clear Creek sisters) for the Christmas talent show. We told them we are singing Angels We Have Heard on High, and after the first verse we are going to whip out our kazoos and break out into harmony! We've been practicing and we're super excited. It actually sounds way good. But don't tell anyone, cuz it's a surprise :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What a great time of year! Remember what your Savior has done for you. He understands everything. Think about what that means. He understands. He wants to help us. I love Him so much. I feel closer to Him than ever.

Love you all.

Sister Allen

PICTURE: Wiping off shaving cream from my companion's face for our Family Home Evening relay activity...good times :)

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