Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear family and friends,

I'm doing super well. I'm so happy. Ah I love being a missionary!!! I never want it to end. I can't believe it's almost 1/3 over. 6 MONTHS!!! What?! This goes way too fast! That's longer than a semester in college. I have no idea what's going to happen this next transfer...I'll probably go to a new area...which I'm now realizing how hard it is for missionaries to leave areas. I am so attached! And the work in Zionsville is going so well! It's really cool, cuz I've been here for 6 months and I've really seen the difference from when I first got here to now. It's so good to realize that what I'm doing is actually making a difference. It's just that when you do missionary work the right way, it actually works. And it's so much fun. 

Zionsville is great as always! Not to mention is north of Zionsville, also in our area, and we have been spending a lot more time up there. We wish it was closer, but we've been able to watch our miles and make it up there a few times a week. There are a lot of people there open to the gospel right now! We have really been seeing the fruits of our efforts this week! It's a huge blessing to see how the Lord's promises really do take effect--we just have to be patient and wait for things to play out in His timing.

Explosion of investigators! We are teaching a lot, and setting a lot more appointments with people! One woman we taught last week was referred by her brother who's been a member of the church for like 50 years, and we taught her and her husband who were so friendly and super open to learning! We left that lesson and thought, "It shouldn't be that simple!" They didn't question anything we taught about the Restoration, and they happily accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon! It's not often that a lesson goes like that :) But we're teaching the truth, so it's no wonder that some people easily accept it! When we left their house they told us, "You are good at what you do." That made us pretty happy :)

My testimony has deepened a lot this week. We had a really intense lesson with a young couple, and they asked some questions about the validity of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith seeing God, and other things that I've always just known and haven't really questioned. It was almost like they wanted us to convince them what we were saying is true. After that lesson I realized that we're not trying to "sell" this message to people. We're simply here to declare plain doctrine and bear simple testimony and invite them to find out for themselves. We don't have to try to convince people, cuz it's already true. It's hard to see others who have such a hard time believing such simple doctrine. That lesson really got to me, and I was just overwhelmed that night saying my prayer because I felt so grateful and humbled to know what I know. I don't feel at all boastful, but I know the truth if for no other reason than that I feel that it is all true. I have no place to tell anyone else that they are wrong, because I know so little. But I know what I need to know. I don't know why I've been so blessed with such a strong testimony, and it doesn't seem fair to me when I see others struggle so much with the Book of Mormon and other simple doctrines, but I know it's all true. I'm overwhelmed thinking about the life I've lived up to this point. Why have I been so blessed my whole life with the gospel and such an amazing family and friends and a good education and everything else? Why have I always been able to be so happy and filled? I am realizing what an incredible and unique gift my testimony really is. I can't do anything to prove that to people except share it. Who am I to teach these people in Zionsville about the gospel, and why am the one to be here at this time? Sis. Crosby and I have been called to this specific area at this specific time. We have stewardship over these people in these boundaries. It is our duty to bring the gospel to them. What a huge responsibility and honor.

There's a lot of things I don't know, and a lot of questions I can't answer. But I do know this is the true church. I don't have to experiment all the other religions to find that out. I am so filled, and I don't doubt what know. I've come to appreciate so much more the testimony that I do have, and the ability I have to believe. I love missionary work and how we are trained to do it effectively. I love my testimony, and I know this is the work of the Lord.

I love you all.

Sister Allen

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