September 10, 2012

What a week! Zionsville is wonderful, and we are seeing miracles. I feel very at home. A couple days ago I prayed for a miracle, that we would talk to someone who was willing to hear more about the gospel. The day was almost over and we had a meeting that went right up until we had to go back to our apartment for the night. I wasn't sure if we were going to see that "miracle." Then I realized we had had three investigators call us to set up appointments earlier in the day, and those were miracles! We continued to see miracles that night during planning. When we ask for something God doesn't just answer that prayer, He definitely exceeds our expectations!

We had two investigators at church yesterday!! We were not expecting one of them to be there, but she and her kids were so welcomed by the branch members, and they really wanted to stay for Sunday School but she had to leave because her son was getting a fever. We are really excited because we feel that her kids are now excited to come to church and this will help her come more!

One of our investigators came with a group of us to a Why I Believe Fireside last night, where recent converts speak about their conversion stories. The spirit was so strong! I got to play the piano. Even though the only thing I can sightread is hymns, it sure is a huge blessing on the mission. Our investigator liked the fireside, and he felt the spirit. He always has lots of questions, but he loves to learn! He is already being fellowshipped by members of the YSA ward, so we are excited to keep teaching him and see how he progresses! It was really fun being at this fireside with a bunch of other missionaries. There is power in a big group of people all working towards the same goal! Saving some souls!!

We've met a lot of people who are really into family history work, and we have the Sullivan Genealogy Center right down the street! Family history is an amazing way to get people's interest. They are even doing an training class at the library--that is the website most people use here! We've introduced FamilySearch to a lot of people, so we're hoping to continue to use family history to get people interested in learning about the Church.

The Indianapolis Temple groundbreaking is September 29!!! This community is prepared to have a temple! This is the right time, and people are so excited! It is so fun telling people that there will soon be a temple just right down the street. A lot of people have travelled to Salt Lake for conferences and things and have loved the Salt Lake temple, so it's exciting to tell them they will have one of those right here!

Zionsville is a great, safe community. Sis. Carter and I decided we could definitely raise a family here. The people are very respectful, the schools are wonderful, and the members are so strong. 

One thing I do miss is having instant Google sure does make life convenient! But we have some amazing resources to study from. The church has SO MANY RESOURCES. I think I wrote that in my last email. But seriously, it's amazing.

I LOVE meeting investigators because every single person I talk to I think, "Wow, you would be an incredible YW President" or "You would be such a good missionary!" Every single person we teach has so much potential, and God is just waiting for them to accept the blessings He has in store! It's also been amazing to see how God has played a huge role in every single person's life already. He knows every one of His children, and we are simply here to offer them even MORE blessings and happiness. The gospel fills a hole people didn't know they had.

A mission is a JOY. It is easy to get caught up in the pressures of the mission, but it's really about representing Jesus Christ and serving others! There is always more we can do, but we really just need to listen to the spirit and focus on what we ARE doing instead of what we're NOT doing. God is so loving and He trusts us to represent Him! He allows us to learn and grow!

One thing I'm working on is eating slower :) I always finish eating before everyone else, probably because I'm used to having so much to do and so little time! A mission is helping me live in the moment and take my time!

A couple nights ago we drove in an insane thunderstorm!!! We were driving home from an appointment, and the rain just hit. I don't know how we made it home through that, because we couldn't even see past our window from all the rain, but the Lord is watching out for His missionaries! We felt completely at peace as we were driving, cuz we knew we would be safe. There was even a tornado warning! Crazy!

Well, no more time, but I love you all SOOOO MUCH!!! 

Sister Allen

1. I'm trying to get a good picture of a squirrel because they have the biggest bushiest tails!!
2. Our wonderful neighbor gave us a straw hat :)
3. Sis. Carter picks off a leaf off of every single tree we pass, and she picks it as we walk. One of her quirks I love :)
4. Sweet note from our neighbor! Oh I love her.

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